Welcome to the Inspiretec Academy

All the expert training, help and advice you need across all our platforms – on demand

Launched in 2021, the Inspiretec Academy offers an exciting new approach to online training. Designed specifically for our existing clients and those currently trialling our products, the Academy offers agents, tour operators and travel companies a flexible, interactive and 100% remote alternative to the traditional “training days'' that dominated pre-pandemic offerings.

All programmes have been created in close consultation with specialist educators to ensure we offer the simplest yet most effective instruction methods and structure.

Inspiretec designs technology that’s changing the way the travel industry does business, so we knew we needed to design an equally innovative training programme to help our clients use that technology effectively.

This is expertise on tap - training you can use as and when you need it.

Here’s how it works

Flexibility at your fingertips

Unlike traditional training, Academy modules can be taken at any time, anywhere and at a pace that suits the individual user. You can also pause and re-run modules if you need a quick refresher, or require additional time to master a particular tool.

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Independent learning – on tap

Your agents and other employees can access our completely location-agnostic training platform from wherever they are. A virtual consultant will guide them through each module of the course, showing them how to use the products to maximum advantage.

Relatable topics designed for the real world

Training is practical and specifically designed to be relevant and relatable to real-world scenarios. Each of our products is broken down into courses, modules and topics. We take you through set-up, selling, managing clients, reporting and so much more.

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Expert advice when you need it most

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Structured flexibility with our 100% virtual, e-learning platform

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Regularly updated video, interactive and written content

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On-demand, “anytime” learning to match multiple user lifestyles

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Ideal for new user onboarding, refresher training or “how to’s”

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“As travel returns it will be vitally important that those employees who are new into the industry and those returning, are quickly given the skills to work as efficiently as possible. Our Academy aims to reinvent the learning experience and offer an interactive self-learning tool that will really engage its users at a time and place to suit them.”
Helen Baldwin | Chief People and Engagement Officer | Inspiretec

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