How airline brands can improve customer experience.

Airlines used to be renowned for their crammed seats and bad food. Some of today’s air travel brands have stepped up in quality and implemented some features that make user experience, and ultimately customer experience, slicker.

By Tom Davy.20th November 2018

Low-cost airlines are recognising that providing a positive travel experience is likely to lead to long-term loyalty and so they are incentivised to make improvements despite their budget status. In terms of experiences, brands tend to focus on reaching customers in the very moment of travel, rather than before or after the point of booking.

Easing travel worries.

The recent introduction of tracking technology is an example of how user and customer experience can come together. The option of tracking luggage puts customers’ minds at ease knowing that their bags will be there to meet them on the other side. This has resolved the common customer worry of losing luggage.

Delta Airlines was one of the first to introduce RFID bag-tracking, which captures highly accurate data stored on a special chip embedded in a luggage tag. Using the Fly Delta mobile app, customers can receive push notifications to track their bags going on and off the plane. This feature is also accessible in-flight. 

The RFID tracking is available in eighty four airports in the US and alongside offering peace of mind to customers. It also brings further benefits including a reduction in misplaced baggage. Whilst it does not entirely prevent mishaps from happening altogether, it does provide customers with extra reassurance and a better travel experience.

Delta is an industry leader in terms of the tools that they provide to make travel easier for their users, this includes the Fly Delta app. The brand has recognised the importance of the whole user experience and addressed pain points with UX solutions. Some features available on the customer app include:

  • Manage My Profile area
  • Domestic & international check-in
  • View change or upgrade seats
  • Get alerts and updates in the feed
  • Access to eBoarding passes
  • Flight tracker
  • Gate information
  • View airport maps
  • Real-time bag tracking
  • Push notifications from critical points along a bag’s journey. A notification sent when a bag is successfully loaded onto an aircraft, which carousel it will arrive at for pickup and more.

Simple steps in user experience functionality make a leap in customer experience.

UX and CX are different and should be treated as such. However, great user experiences will ultimately feed into the overall customer experience. Satisfaction with a brand’s products and services – with questions being answered with ease and interaction made easy - will result in a better rating.

A common pain point with airlines is the worry about luggage. The UX credo “Don’t make the user think” was applied with Delta Airline’s luggage tracking app, easing the mind of travellers and providing informative feedback.

Digital technology offers varied options to enhance customer journeys across the business. If you’d like to learn more about enhancing those, take a look at our most recent whitepaper on customer experience by emailing