How tour operators can maximise sales.

Five must-have elements for tour operators to maximise the number of people engaging and buying.

By Carys Harfoot12th August 2016

Tour operators, and travel businesses alike, can also do something to increase sales. Here are a number of those factors.


Having an easy to use and eye catching website is key. An engaging landing page is vital to ensure low bounce rate and ensure customers make it through to the final sell. Captive imagery of the tour locations can do wonders to engage visitors visually, so splashing out on imagery is definitely worth the money. Potential customers should be able to find all the information they could ever need on your website – or at least a link to it (such as government travel advice). You don’t want to give users any reason to leave your page and onto another tour operator’s!

All information should be up to date and engaged with the latest trends so being able to easily update website content is important. Inspiretec are known for their Holistic content management system where 'you can easily edit content and organise data by using unique features such as the geographical hierarchy'. A simple content management system is also necessary to promote employee involvement. Customers want to hear from people who have been to all these wonderful places your company is promoting, not from a sales team!

Social media.

With the digital age being promoted more and more by the rise of social media, there is no ignoring the impact businesses can have when they use it for marketing. With varying forms, from Twitter to Instagram to Reddit, there will be one that is right for your company. There is no point spending valuable time and effort trying to create a unique, unusual campaign. Time would be much better used looking at what successful businesses similar to yourselves do on social media and try to tailor it to your business.

The golden rule is 80/20. Businesses who market successfully on social media use 80% of posts to talk about fun and interesting things relevant to either your industry or target market and 20% specifically about your business (offers, new services etc.).

Call to action.

Whether it’s on social media or your website a call to action should always be seen if you want a high conversion rate. Whether you’re offering a free travel consultation or to simply email or call for a special offer or just for more information, having it on show is a must. Visitors need to know what to do next so the call to action button should catch their eye. Additionally, contact information should always be easily found on your website and social media pages.

Online booking.

Online booking is becoming increasingly popular globally – especially in the travel industry. Having employees with excellent customer service skills and knowledge is no longer enough. There should be just as much focus on the upkeep of your website as the retail store.

Having an efficient and speedy online booking system is vital. If a website crashes before payment is made, not many people would then trust the website to take their money safely the next time. Inspiretec's intelligent end-to-end reservation system is designed to drive your business and grow the number of successful sales. 'Travelink' offers Tour Operators highly flexible ways to search, cost and book leisure travel and supports the selling of travel via multiple distribution channels including call centres, on-line, retail outlets and home-workers. Our systems are designed to simplify the things that matter, driving sales for our customers and enabling them to succeed in a competitive marketplace.


Knowledge is priceless in the travel industry. Travel agents in stores need knowledge about who their customers are and what they want from your business. They can then use their own first-hand knowledge of travel to sell them what they want.

If a customer is in your shop or on your website, they are there for a reason. An employee can use their knowledge and passion to share information so customers don’t feel like they are just going for the hard sell. Customers want to be taken care of so ensuring every part of their trip, from travel insurance to which restaurants to go to, is in hand will ensure they use your company for their next holiday.