Inspiretec's guide to Canada.

Take a look at our guide to reveal the range of unique and unforgettable travel opportunities in Canada.

By Natasha Cook14th February 2019

Whether you’re a sun-worshipper, a thrill-seeker or a city-breaker – Canada caters for all travellers.

Sixteen months ago, Inspiretec took the opportunity to disrupt the Canadian market by opening an office in Toronto. We recognised the similarities between Canadian and English travel behaviour. In 2018, ABTA found that 51% of UK holidaymakers going abroad booked a vacation package and according to Mintel there will be further growth of 7.5% by 2022. Canadians share this interest in package holidays.

Inbound travel is popular in Canada for many reasons, some of which are; there is no exchange-rate, no language barrier and no visas required. However, inbound travel isn’t as easy in Canada as it is in the UK – did you know it’s almost the same distance to travel from Toronto to Vancouver (4,351km) as it is to travel from Toronto to Cardiff (5,517km)?

Escaping the ordinary.

Adventure tourism is enormous. Cision has predicted that the global adventure tourism market will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 45.99% between 2016 and 2020.

Whistler and Pemberton are Canadian towns within The Rocky Mountains which have slopes that would fill any skiers’ dreams and some of the most breath-taking views fit for a summer hike. However, if we veer off the beaten track, there is so much more than what first meets the eye; from dog sledding to paragliding to rock climbing to the peak to peak gondola. People will struggle to find boredom amongst these mountains.

Tofino, a traveller’s paradise, provides astonishing aesthetics with its long stretched white sand beaches and scarlet sunsets. However, it doesn’t lack in excitement offering yoga retreats, surfing, golf and ziplining.

A hot destination for climbers is Mount Thor despite its remote location. According to Atlas Obscura Mount Thor, Nunavut has an elevation of 1675m and is a popular destination due to the fact it has the world’s greatest purely vertical drop at 1,250m (4,101 ft).

Travellers can partake in adventures luxuriously or back-packer style. One of our partners, Wexas, provide tailor-made luxury escapes to adventurous locations, for example, Whistler. Whilst G Touring provide ‘off the beaten track’ tours and identify Canada as an ‘all you imagine and much you never expected’ destination.

Into the wild.

According to the World Population Review, Canada is 38th in the world when it comes to size by population. Therefore, it is defined as hugely underpopulated. Due to the vast amount of uninhabited land, nature can thrive.

Travellers venture to Churchill in Manitoba to witness wildlife in its natural habitat. In late October, there is the opportunity to take a safari in a tundra buggy as Polar bears make themselves at home amongst the villagers. Additionally, travellers can choose to kayak or snorkel down the Churchill River to watch whales surfacing. 

Canada has the most lakes in the world at approximately two million. One that holds a magical presence is Little Limestone Lake in Manitoba. As the temperature increases from winter to summer, the calcite in the water transforms into crystals causing a change in colour like a mood ring.

Alaska is a U.S. state, but is located within Canada. It is a vast space of wilderness from beautiful blue lakes to forestland to numerous animal species. Not only is Alaska saturated with tourists soaking up the awe of the natural world and taking advantage of the numerous activities (fishing, bike tours, hiking, dog sledding, white water rafting etc.), but it is also home to some rare and fascinating animals. There are more than 50,000 black bears and 35,000 brown bears living in Alaska’s untamed wilderness and there are approximately 40,000 bald eagles soaring Alaska’s skies.

Alaska teems with opportunities, one of the most magnificent is the intimate viewing of the Northern Lights. Top tip – you have the best chances of seeing the lights between September and April.

The urban organism.

Vancouver is a hippie-haven, a designer’s paradise and nature retreat all in one. One of its most fascinating sights is The Rideau Canal, which in the winter turns into a 7.7km natural ice rink. In the summer, travellers can soak up the sun on a coastal or park walk located in a short reach of Vancouver’s centre. On a rainy day, you can nestle in a bookstore, such as, Paper Hound’s second-hand bookstore in Downtown and escape reality for a few hours. Cocktail bars aren’t limited in Vancouver either. The Diamond in Gastown has been selected as one of the top ten bars and is open every day of the week.

Toronto holds a trendy, but busy vibe. The city embraces the world of sport with 8 multi-purpose stadiums - The Rogers Centre is home to the Blue Jays baseball team! The CN tower draws in a big tourist population to Toronto. It is a communications and observation tower, which is over 550 metres high providing a tremendous view over the city.

Quebec City was founded by Samual de Champlain, a French explorer and cartographer, in June 1608. Amazingly over four hundred years later, Quebec City is an epicentre of French-Canadian culture. Quebec City is otherwise known as ‘The City of Churches’ with 4,000 places of worship, predominately roman catholic due to the French influence, according to New World Encyclopedia.

Ottawa is the heart of Canada, as the capital city it gives a real flavour for Canadian culture. Parliament Hill transforms into a Yoga class where locals diffuse the formality and introduce light-heartedness to the space. Ottawa have many architecture marvels to admire such as the National Gallery of Canada. However, you may choose to idly browse through the hundreds of stalls at ByWard market.

Let’s talk culture.

Whether you like to switch off in an art gallery or let your hair down at a music festival – Canada embraces all culture thrown its way. People travel from all over the world, let alone from all over Canada to attend certain events.

For the music lovers, Salmo holds Shambhala Music Festival every August. Shambhala has over 12,000 attendees per year from all over the world. It is a judgement-free, fantasy-filled festival where anything goes. However, those of you with an artistic flare, Ottawa’s National Gallery of Canada could captivate you for hours or take a tour of a city and view the urban art scattered across buildings.

Toronto even has its own version of the famous ‘Rio Carnival’ renamed the ‘Toronto Caribbean Carnival’ which runs for 3 weeks long and introduces locals to a whole new culture whilst attracting a copious sum of visitors to soak up the atmosphere.

Our products.

Our most used product in Canada is Harmony, an innovative sales platform for travel agencies. Take a look at our case study on HRG Worldwide, one of our clients, and how they use Harmony to enhance their sales platform. 

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