Inspiretec in the resorts sector - how we make a difference.

Areas of improvements for resorts and their associated benefits.

By Sean Taylor16th May 2018

Inspiretec recently delivered an integrated website and CRM for a leading resort in the UK market. When embarking on this project, Inspiretec identified a number of areas where software could be enhanced in the resort market to deliver a cleaner, easier booking experience for a prospective customer, whilst also improving their in-resort experience.

Areas highlighted for improvement:

Powerful cached pricing and availability on initial user search.

Leveraging the latest technology to cache accommodation pricing and availability to deliver initial search results in less than a second, to keep potential customers engaged in the booking journey.

Consistent booking journeys for all products, services and demographics.

Maintaining consistency when booking any product or service. Users are familiar with booking actions and number of steps required to book, reducing booking journey abandonment. Booking journeys are consistent for public, members and corporate bookings.

Improved use of imagery to deliver a luxury site experience.

Using image focused designs to present high definition imagery to enhance the brand appearance.

Present a collective view of product range and services available.

Improving website navigation and layout to incorporate the range of products and services available in-resort alongside core booking channels.

CMS workflow improvements.

Creating content modules as opposed to hard-coded templates, to offer flexibility when managing content pages. Content editors also have the functionality to create content reminders, which will alert editors when offers or seasonal products have expired, providing the platform for content editors to keep content fresh and valid.

Collecting rich knowledge of customers and their interactions with the brand.

Logging all offline and online customer interactions with the resort, including preferences and complaints. Access to rich information maximises the knowledge available to in-resort staff to enhance a customer's experience during their visit or stay.

Benefits realisation for Resorts.

Operational efficiency.

Reduction in call centre traffic as a result of a cleaner booking journey, increased efficiency for website management.

Increased web revenue.

Uplift in transactional revenue for web bookings, quantity of bookings as website navigation cleaner and increased revenue per booking as upsells presented throughout booking journey.

Brand perception.

Improved perception of the brand through investment in website design, imagery positioned intelligently throughout the site to maximise impact.

Enhanced customer satisfaction levels.

Richer knowledge of customers available to in-resort staff, make the customer feel valued, call centre staff can personalise their interactions with access to increased history of the client, reduction in booking call centre traffic allows more time to upsell and tailor booking to client.

Wider range of bookings.

Increased variety of bookings for non-core products and services, greater range of services are bookable online.