Promoting wellbeing across the organisation.

This last year has challenged us all, worldwide, like never before.

By Hannah Worthing4th March 2021

Lets take a breath.

This last year has challenged us all, worldwide, like never before and it’s safe to say that as individuals and as households, we’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster. The ride has tested us in terms of how we’ve adapted to and how we’ve coped with everything that’s been thrown at us! So much change, so much uncertainty, so much fear, so many experiences/occasions missed, so much time confined to our homes, so much strain on our relationships and not to mention the loss experienced by so many. At Inspiretec we recognise these challenges and we wanted to be sure that we could create some time and space for our teams to come together, to reflect and to inspire one another through shared experiences and tips and lessons learned.

Closer than you may think.

1 in 4 of us experiences poor mental health at any given point. When you think about a workplace or a typical social setting, that equates to quite a number within that setting alone. Wellbeing promotion in the workplace is not a new concept for Inspiretec. We’ve existing programmes and early last year, we created a dedicated mindfulness room, complete with soft lighting, a wealth of helpful resources and even a heated massage chair, for people to make use whenever they need. Putting people first has always been an important part of our culture, including finding ways to tackle the stigma and to encourage more open and helpful conversations around our mental wellbeing. Our capability to promote and support wellbeing have certainly been challenged over the past 12 months and we’ve had to look at ways of adapting our provisions and making them available in a virtual setting.

Reaching out.

In the first of our remote sessions, we looked at what is mental health? How might poor mental health present itself? And we discussed the difficulties around speaking honestly and comfortably about our mental wellbeing. After all, we’re quick to consult others when we are physically unwell – what stops us from being open about our mental health? We recognised that this can be especially difficult with people that we work with. A virtual setting hasn’t stopped us from talking about important topics surrounding wellness and signposting people to where we can go to get appropriate help.

Each session is based on a particular theme and will typically consist of a few short videos, which form the basis of our discussions. We end each session with some tips related specifically to that topic and we’ve even been known to try out some breathing techniques and some useful at your desk stretches before returning to our work again!

What’s on the horizon?

Over the last 12 months our organisation’s culture and values have been challenged but held true as we continue to evolve and grow. Our people are at the heart of all that we do, so it’s important to us that every person feels supported and sufficiently equipped to tackle any challenges that they’re faced with, both in their working lives and outside of work.

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