Using ML & AI to improve customer experience – Part two.

If you missed the opportunity to hear Inspiretec’s Chief Commercial Officer, Richard Baker, speak at this year’s TTI conference then keep reading.

By Natasha Cook1st May 2019

In our last blog post we looked at Machine Learning (ML) and its application within the travel industry. In this blog we look at how these technologies can be used to boost customer experience which in turn drives business performance and results.

The customer-centric journey.

According to Forrester we are living in the age of the customer. Buyers are more powerful than ever, they’re not looking for products, features, or gimmicks – they’re looking for a complete, consistent and effortless customer experience. If companies aren’t meeting the customers’ expectations, they can easily find others that will.

If you are wondering what you can do to make a big impact on the experience delivered to your customers, the answer is personalisation. Customers wish to be individual and are more likely to be satisfied when brand representatives make them feel so. Personalisation doesn’t have to be as complex as recommender systems or trend analysis. It can simply be achieved and applied to optimising customer experience, via client profiling, website personalisation and call centre personalisation.

Harnessing technologies such as AI and ML will give you the power to target consumers directly; this is done by delivering a tailored experience through focused messages, promotions and product offerings based on their unique interests, buying behaviours and demographics.

CX disrupters.

Operating in the age of the customer has led to disrupters already being bred in the Customer Experience (CX) battleground. Among the disrupters are full stack companies like Tesla, Nest and Apple. These companies ensure control and maximise profit by owning all layers, such as, research and development, production, distribution, marketing, sales and service. A key objective of these full stack companies is to be in control of their customer’s experience, by owning all channels required to deliver this experience. This structure aids profit maximation but, consequently, presents challenges to the company’s growth and scalability.

Customer Relationship Management.

Holistic is Inspiretec’s travel CRM software. Holistic connects with booking and reservation systems – either Inspiretec’s Travelink or external systems – bringing data silos together to provide an efficient and integrated experience. Chris Ulph, senior marketing and e-commerce consultant at Sabre, emphasises that a holistic view is essential for an integrated customer loyalty program:

‘A richer, more connected traveller experience and end-to-end customer engagement are fast becoming the bedrock of how loyalty is earned in the travel industry. Customer data needs to be the force behind this evolution.’

CRM software, if done right, can create major benefits, such as, forming the base of the single customer view; allowing the collection of data from multiple sources, enabling users to input quality data on clients and creating a way to make the most of the data collected.

To gain more expert information please don’t hesitate to request a copy of our Customer Experience Whitepaper here. Furthermore, to access the slides to Richard Baker’s presentation from the TTI Spring Conference, please click here.

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