Rewarding safer drivers with cheap car insurance through the Aviva Drive app.


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Aviva provides insurance services across a multitude of markets. They operate across sixteen different countries across the world with a customer base of around 33 million. Car insurance is one of their key offerings in the UK.

Further monitor driving skills.

The popular Aviva Drive app on both the Android and iOS platforms are well received within the motoring community. It’s an app that tests driving skills from a mobile via GPS. Once 200 driving miles are exceeded, the app gives the driver a score out of ten. Discounts on Aviva car insurance is then available based on the score gained.

Aviva needed the same app for Windows Phone users. As Microsoft Gold Partners, we were approached to build this new app. The goal was to repeat the success of the app on other platforms.

Platform consistency.

Aviva wanted to provide a compelling way for the user to get an insurance quote. Their answer was to do so via a game. So we had to make sure it remained fun to play and to complete the 200 miles required for a rating and an insurance quote. It was also important to emphasise the purpose of the app and showcase a brand that’s recognisable across the UK. In this regard, the project was a delicate one to handle.

Integrating all aspects of the live iOS and Android apps to our app was key. Ensuring user journeys remained consistent across all platforms that felt natural to Windows Phone users. Therefore, the main challenge was establishing how to apply existing functionality to suit the Windows platform. To ensure the app appeared native to Windows.

Earn badges. Save more money.

We built the app so that it has the ability to monitor the users driving. Badges are available for safe and economical driving. These badges are unlocked when driving at a steady speed, driving smoothly through corners and whilst gradually braking or accelerating. The more badges, the better the score.

As the app had a quick turnaround time from concept to launch, we installed an agile methodology to allow core aspects of production to begin whilst polishing the designs. To make sure the app was slick and reliable we employed the MvvmCross platform which enables the reuse of as much code as possible during the development phase. This would also include rigorous usage of Mvvm pattern, ensuring future maintainability.

Take the Aviva Drive challenge!

The app is designed to always look clean. It’s minimal, and feels accessible which encourages users to experiment. To explore the app and to prompt the beginning of the quotation phase. This meant that the UX had to be well thought out; to ensure a simple user journey through the game.

The Aviva Drive app is popular on the app store, earning an average 4.5/5 from over 300 ratings. Users are finding the advice given helpful in improving safety and driving techniques. But more importantly, the app helps drivers save money just as it helps Aviva sell more car insurance.

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