Bluestone National Park Resort.

A new site and enhanced booking experience for one of Wales' most stunning resorts.


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Bluestone is a beautiful National Park Resort consisting of luxury lodges, spa and a water park nestled amongst the Pembrokeshire hills. It offers free range holidays within scenery unique to the South Wales region.

Crafting a journey.

Bluestone approached Sequence for a refresh to their website. The site came to us light on content with no real, distinct user journey. It was imperative that the new site be more efficient to maximise profit for the business. It needed to feel like a destination in itself.

A UX review revealed that the main issue was that the e-commerce element felt disjointed. Like it was an addition to the site rather than integrated with it. With the new site, we wanted to make sure that the booking process was a simple one. We ran the project using an agile approach, ensuring we could work closely with Bluestone and iterate as soon and as often as necessary.

Introducing Sitecore.

Sitecore is our CMS of choice. It gave us the flexibility and reliability we needed to make a technically challenging site simple when it came to the UX. The website works with five separate third party systems and is future proof in terms of DMS, allowing Bluestone endless possibilities for customisation.

The Page Editor provides the Bluestone team with everything needed to keep the site up to date. So the site is built in such a way that allows the control of exactly what content shows on what device. They’re able to customise the responsive view allowing the mobile site to appear just as clean and uncluttered as the desktop version.

Fast, fluid architecture.

We implemented a responsive, dynamic grid on the main accommodation page that utilises filters to present users with appropriate accommodation. Using JavaScript to control the filters on the front end to ensure users are presented with these results instantly.

We made use of AJAX throughout the site, particularly in crafting the booking process. Querying the server immediately for a user's data on bookings, as well as for new bookings. Providing Bluestone with the information and removing the need for too many steps during the booking process.

A sense of place.

Bluestone needed their site to be an experience, not just an e-commerce site. To be a beautiful place to browse and be immersed within the beauty of the resort. Our team was invited to Bluestone in the early stages of the project to personally vouch for this experience.

This helped the team recreate some of the magic of Bluestone and Pembrokeshire on the site with its natural colour palette and a design which showcases Bluestone photography. We were also inspired by Bluestone's print work which has translated well into a digital framework. Therefore, keeping all their marketing communications integrated.


The new site gives the user a sense of what Bluestone National Park Resort has to offer. An effortless user journey and an immersive site experience is what then turns it into an effective e-commerce site. The average time spent on the site is up and the bounce rate is down 15%. This is backed by an increase in site traffic across the board by 30%. Further, bookings are up which highlights the overriding success of this project to date.

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