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The most prestigious creative awards ceremony needed a partner to deliver on the same level of expectations.


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Inspired by the Cannes Film Festival, The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world's largest festival in advertising and marketing. The seven-day event brings together the biggest players from the creative industries.  

The biggest event in the creative calendar.

Over 40,000 entries from all over the world and more than 12,000 delegates attend Cannes Lions each year. At the festival, as well as watching entries on big screens, delegates can use one of 300 interactive kiosks to browse, search and view videos and entries to the awards.

We were asked to produce a Windows app for each kiosk, running on a range of touch-screen devices such as Microsoft Surface and All-In-Ones PCs. The world’s most creative people would be using the app so it had to be clean and content focused, operate effortlessly and overcome many technical challenges.

Seamless design.

The app needed to feel like a native Windows app, but not alienate visitors familiar with iOS and Android. To achieve this, we used navigation conventions familiar to touch-screen users in general but chose to list entries using Windows’ side-scrolling grid view. This allows the user to browse entries by their images, something missing from the previous app.

The design follows Cannes Lions Festival guidelines. But there’s an interesting feature in that the colours displayed in the app are configured in a database, allowing the app to be used at additional festivals that have varying brand identities. This even stretches to the colours used in the app’s iconography; an innovative feature in itself.

Technical features.

The app is built on Windows 8.1 and replaces an older Windows desktop application. In comparison, the new app provides a responsive, touch-screen interface with user-pleasing features such as swiping, pinch-zoom, infinite scrolling, animations and adaptive layouts.

Technical features include delegate sign-in by scanning the barcode on their badge (via the front-facing camera). Local databases are synched with a central database, allowing the latest releases to be automatically deployed to each device. The app can also display multiple assets for each entry including videos, audio files, large-scale, high-definition images and PDFs. These are assets cached locally on the device to maximise overall performance.

Cross-platform build.

Although the app only had to target Windows devices, we built it using Cannes Lions’ cross-platform methodology. This means it would be easy to develop the app so that it works on additional platforms (Android and iOS) if that were needed in the future, such as bring-your-own-device support.

The app had to look compelling and be easy to use, both of which have been achieved. It gives festival delegates the ability to browse Cannes Lions information through an app that boasts some impressive interactions and features. One that's also clean and easy to use, keeping delegates in full control at all times.

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