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A Luxury Chalet Operator shows how CRM technology developed for the big travel companies can be implemented to benefit smaller niche operators quickly and efficiently.


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Exceptional Quality over quantity as a growth based business strategy.

Consensio is a Luxury Chalet Operator that is based in the UK with an Operations office in France. As Operators rather than Agents, they manage the portfolios directly on behalf of their respective owners and are also members of ABTA to provide peace of mind for guests. Consensio means “co-operative” and that is exactly how they work, using a unique profit-sharing method and focussing on “providing tailored Exceptional Service in the most Exceptional Properties in the French Alps and St Tropez”. To achieve this you need to know your customers and their needs inside out and provide exceptional customer service at every touchpoint of a customer’s journey. As stated on their website:

"We understand that holiday time is precious, which is why we take the time to listen to our guests to learn exactly what they want, so we can ensure that every aspect is taken care of."

So the challenge was to adopt a high quality, professional CRM that was designed for the travel industry but allowed them to tailor it to their specific client needs and small specialist team, yet scalable and flexible to allow for future growth.

Implementing a professional travel CRM that is tailored to your needs.

Having provided CRM solutions to some of the largest operators in the travel Industry, Inspiretec has established itself as an innovative and trusted partner in a variety of travel sectors, from camping and coaches to cruises and tailor-made holidays of a lifetime. The thread that joins them all is the understanding that customer experience is the key to success and growth. The only way to maintain an exceptional standard of customer service is by adopting an equally exceptional CRM capability.

Consensio approached Inspiretec and outlined its requirements and shortly after started their bespoke trial of the software, with no need for complicated scoping, building or implementation program. This new offering from Inspiretec is driven by the desire to reduce or eliminate barriers to market leading software and its benefits, no matter the size of your company or sector of the travel industry you work in. Smaller or more niche operators should have the same access to the latest in CRM developments via a SAAS (Software As A Service) model so they can continue to provide the very best customer experience to their customers as they grow.

And we are off...

Within no time at all they had access to the latest developments in our CRM and started to tailor it to their specific needs. Inspiretec’s newly created Academy, an online learning tool, played an essential part in delivering flexible and practical guidance and advice 24/7, as the video content provided step-by-step walkthroughs that are available to any member of the Consensio’s team, wherever and whenever they need it.

If there was anything not covered by the Academy’s extensive library of content, our customer success team was available to help.

What impact has the new CRM had?

Since implementing our CRM they have noticed both qualitative and quantitative improvements. One of the most notable was the ability to track the same customer across multiple brands, due to having a single source of truth for a client record that included all of their interactions and preferences in one place...

Our CRM is constantly being improved and updated and delivers more and more benefits the more it is used. We work incredibly closely with all our clients to develop new features that will make a difference to our clients and their customers alike.

Future developments?

Having experienced firsthand the benefits and features of our CRM, the client has identified that they need to improve their website further to fully utilise all of our CRM’s capabilities. Having your website and our CRM closely aligned will bring further improvements and efficiencies to the customer experience.

We recently switched to InspireCXM by implementing their CRM module and found it works perfectly for our requirements. Running three different products within our luxury chalet holiday program it provides all the facilities we need from a CRM system but in a simply easy to use way. The team have been on hand throughout the set up to help and the useful tutorial videos meant we could get to grips with it nice and quickly

Ceri Tinley Co-Founder and MD Consensio Chalets

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