Porto Montenegro.

Introducing style and elegance that transforms the way Porto Montenegro speaks to its varied audience.


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Porto Montenegro is a beautiful yacht marina located in the bay of Kotor, Montenegro. The bay itself boasts clear Mediterranean waters, whilst the softly coloured buildings fall against a backdrop of light blue sky and mountain peaks.

Digital elegance.

The Porto Montenegro website didn’t match up to the premium nature of their brand offering. We were approached to redesign and transform their web presence into something spectacular like the marina itself. Elegance was top of the bill. Our client was looking to boost awareness and business, and provide the navigational and logistical information that yacht owners needed to also enter the port. It was two projects in one.

Multi-purpose design.

The homeport consists of an exclusive hotel, luxury apartments, penthouses, sports clubs, boutique shops and signature restaurants. Together, we developed an integrated content strategy to showcase these services at the heart of this new design. This is content updated regularly, with a strong focus on CTAs.

This required flexibility within the design, keeping in mind the secondary function of the website. Taking cues from the brand, the new experience is full of subtle interactions and animation. We thrived on the challenge of balancing this with a logical content hierarchy and intuitive IA. Just from hitting the homepage the user is met with an explosion of colour and eye-catching content. Content which is also lightweight and built around the CTAs that always draws you in.

Sequence were particularly strong on the backend implementation, we find it easy to use and now make many of our updates and additions to the site independently, which is precisely what we wanted... we were pleased with Sequence's response to our brief.

Olga Ushakova Porto Montenegro

Building for experience.

Built in Umbraco, the multilingual site is structured in a modular way. A way which enables wider flexibility in mixing and matching different functionality to meet current and future needs. Generic article listing templates can be configured to meet news, events or any data organised by date, for example. All templates used on the site have a multitude of options involving CTAs which can be used with complete flexibility. In turn, allowing full customisation. Personalisation - through imagery, text, quotes and video - is key to capturing attention and imagination, driving user experience for Porto Montenegro’s customer group.

The focus on this site was to achieve a healthy balance between lifestyle and functionality. Keeping in line with brand guidelines and then adapting them to build a web presence that best represents the Porto Montenegro brand. It was important that rich elements such as an interactive map and an image gallery were incorporated, that yet didn’t slow down loading times.


What you feel by walking alongside the luxury yachts, the clear blue water and the sun-ridden pine trees, is what you feel from browsing the new Porto Montenegro website. The site now represents their luxury brand offering and provides all the relevant information for their varied audience. Upon completion, we handed the reigns over that allowed them to create high-quality web pages from scratch. That is, great content and user experience through an easy-to-use CMS. Porto Montenegro saw an immediate increase in engagement, with sessions up 14% and pageviews up a further 12%. Its world-class services have attracted a number of accreditations, including ‘Superyacht Marina of the Year 2015.'







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