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Travelopia is home to the world’s largest collection of specialist travel brands, included within their portfolio is the leading luxury holiday brand, Sovereign. Renowned for providing tailored experiences and a stand out service, Sovereign are experts in the fine art of holiday making.

Enhancing the online user journey.

Inspiretec’s in-house digital agency team were commissioned to undertake the complete redesign and development of a new Sovereign website, one that placed user experience (UX) at the very core of their online proposition. Our team focused on using evidence based user testing research to drive out conversion blockers so that Sovereign could benefit from as efficient and effective search, cost and book experience as possible.

Starting from scratch we wanted to allow the Sovereign team to leverage Sitecore features to deliver a seamless and sophisticated holiday research and booking platform. The integral search, cost and book journey on the site is delivered through a simple integration with Inspiretec’s booking and reservation system Reservations. Getting this integration right was key to improving the overall experience of the site with a strong focus on boosting the performance of the search, cost & book journey.

Due to Sovereign being a high-end luxury brand, we needed to create the right balance of delivering a functional yet experiential website. It was important that the site reflected Sovereign’s high-value offering, whilst catering to the multiple shopping styles of their users. For example, some users who are inspired by the site may prefer to call Sovereign’s expert team to book, whilst others would rather complete the entire holiday booking experience online. Inspiretec covered all bases with every possible user and their needs in mind.

As connoisseurs of luxury travel, it was vital that the online experience matched the high-quality offline experience that Sovereign deliver. This is where the benefits of a Sitecore website stand out: as a modular site, the staff at Sovereign can create compelling web content with ease and without the need for a developer.

Sitecore features such as the Experience Analytics provide Sovereign with useful insights on user activity. This tool creates dashboards and reports for the marketing team at Sovereign, to identify patterns and trends in experience data collected from their website. This along with other personalisation features that are available within Sitecore are used to maximise the website’s potential.

To create a website that inspires travellers, UX enhancements included modernisation by making the website more responsive and improving the layout of hotel pages. Sitecore easily integrates with a number of third-party tools such as Bynder, which is the image platform used for the Sovereign site. Making better use of imagery was critical for the showcasing Sovereigns products and complimented the rich user interface that we designed. 

The innovative Luxury Holiday finder tool was developed to provide an alternative pathway for Sovereign to a wider selection of search options to users, creating tailored holiday suggestions that are personal an individual’s needs.

To secure long-term relevance, the site has a text stack which enables new technologies to quickly be deployed on to the website, providing Sovereign with a peace of mind that their site will always be at the cutting edge of technology.

It was a pleasure to work with the team at Inspiretec to create a luxury online experience that is true to our brand. Since the launch of website, we have seen a significant improvement in the performance of the site including a large decrease in drop-off rates, along with an 18.21% increase in page views.

Page views

+ 18.21%

Bounce rate

- 3.94%

Booking funnel drop off rate

- 24%

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