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Welcome to the future of travel bookings

Frequent and unexpected quote, flight and booking changes are probably the single biggest source of frustration for travellers – and the largest challenge for travel agents and tour operators.

In the past, agents were reluctant to share client contact details with tour operators. Which meant they were usually the first and only contact when any changes to itineraries occurred.

Now, however, airlines insist on also having this information so they can contact their passengers quickly and directly. The problem is that customers usually then end up knowing about changes to flights before the consolidator, tour operator or agent.

If your travel business is in a constant state of “catch up” it ultimately damages the customer experience you offer, as well as the overall reputation of the travel industry as a whole.

At Inspiretec, we love using technology to solve challenges, so we knew this was one problem we had to find a solution for.

Introducing Connect

As a travel technology provider with a long and intimate history with the travel industry, agents and operators have always trusted us with their customer contact details.
Enjoy benefits such as:

Automated customer communication - no more manual phoning. Instead, the customer receives an automated notification of the change and then simply logs on to the self-service portal to accept it.

Workflow backup – changes too complicated to be communicated automatically are placed into a workflow to be followed up between the customer and agent personally.

Single-view dashboard – immediately see the communication chain and understand where everyone is in the process, so you always know what’s happening.

Connect is our automated booking change engine that facilitates the flow of customer data back and forth between the various parties involved.

It streamlines the secure management and communication of changes, removing a vast amount of work, duplication and wasted time – all while still respecting trust and data privacy.

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Your perfect partner for change

A legacy of trust

After over 25 years in the travel industry, we’re now the partner agents can trust to facilitate booking changes between customers, airlines and tour operators – and back again.

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Quick and efficient

It can take a disproportionate amount of time to manually advise every customer of every small itinerary change. Connect automates this process, making it quick and easy.

Look after your VIPs

Offer high-value clients more personalised attention with individual, personal contact instead of an automated message.

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Amplify your agents

Your agents want to sell dream holidays – our automated booking changes system gives them this freedom. Performance is higher when your agents feel empowered.

Full communication history

See a complete history of all correspondence between you and your customers. Identify areas of strength and weakness to improve organisational efficiency.

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Say goodbye to:

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Lack of communication

Keep everyone in the loop, all the time, in real time

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Unhappy customers

Make customer communication easier, faster and more efficient

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Siloed information

Now anyone can access important travel data - anytime and anywhere

Simple and straightforward pricing

Pricing starts from as little as £2 per transaction, making this one of the most affordable products in your arsenal. When you’re not tied into a rigid cost structure, customising your usage to suit your budget is simple and fuss free.

“Recognising the problems that managing late flight and booking changes were causing our customers, we set ourselves the challenge of using our technology and data management platforms to come up with a way to help. Our solution was Connect.”

Simon Powell | CEO | Inspiretec

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