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Luxury travel is changing. Where travellers used to demand five-star indulgence, they’re now looking for a deeper, more meaningful experience. Transformational travel is gaining momentum, and bespoke is the new luxury. 

But combining multiple offers, and loading complex contracts are putting a strain on standard travel technology. 

You need new technology for a flexible, agile and responsive system.

“We are delighted to have worked in partnership with Inspiretec to create two new digital platforms that put A&K at the forefront of the luxury travel market. Our new platforms will allow us to build more flexible, dynamic and customer-centric solutions aimed at improving the customer experience throughout their A&K journey.”
Kerry Golds | Chief Tour Operating Officer | Abercrombie & Kent

All the support you need, all in one place

Bespoke travel has never been more in demand – and neither have the travel companies that can flawlessly deliver it. This means speeding up your selling process and seamlessly processing any contract - from simple to complex. 

One-of-a-kind dream holidays that cater to your customers’ every wish and whim don’t just happen. Fortunately, we have the technology that makes it feel as though they do.

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Luxury Honeymoon

Bespoke holidays need responsive technology

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Flexibility is key

Book a wide range of travel requirements, from accommodation, flights and extras to cruises, insurance, and add-on excursions.

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Advanced capabilities

Our contract loading system can handle everything from simple to more complex contract rates, as well as allocations, stop sales, release dates and supplements.

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Choose it and use it

Search, cost and book all the individual components so customers can create their own package, including third-party flights, accommodation, cars and extras.

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Agile management

Manage external stock for markup, margin and suppression and easily handle complex deposit and cancellation scenarios.

Multi-currency capability
Load and sell in multiple currencies. Also includes exchange rate management
Flexible contract loading
Load everything from very simple to highly complex contracts for multiple travel types
Compare prices
Build out multiple itineraries in one quote for easy price comparison at a glance
Stay up to date
Prevent price fluctuations by re-checking the current price validity of an existing quote with a single click
Quick quotes made easy
Save time and eliminate the risk of losing a quote by cloning and editing it while it’s still linked to the original
Personalised documentation
Create branded documents per product, and quotes in your customers’ preferred language

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