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Manage large groups and complex itineraries easily - from simple activity add-ons to complete end-to-end holiday experiences

Activity-based holidays and events are a growing trend - we provide the technology to help you grow with it

Sports holidays, events and action-packed itineraries are the preferred choices for a growing number of travellers - particularly those in the under-34 age group. 

As a travel industry professional, it’s essential to ensure you have the technology you need to manage big groups with complex itineraries - seamlessly and efficiently - to meet the needs of these digital-first customers. 

Inspiretec is where you’ll find it.

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“It’s great that the website platform is live and performing well. The engine has delivered with external customers and our internal business users experiencing the efficiency and flexibility that were primary objectives of the development project. We are extremely pleased that there is now a core base from which we can further develop to enhance our customers' and internal business users' experience further.”
Chief Executive | The Mike Burton Group

Now creating flexible sports and activity holidays be just as much fun as going on one

We’ve made buying and selling activity holidays and events simple, seamless and infinitely flexible.

Whether your customers want an action-packed adventure holiday from start to finish, or would simply like to add in a day at a Test Match while they’re in the West Indies, or tickets to Wimbledon during their London break, our suite of products makes bespoke itineraries a pleasure to create.

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Discover the flexibility of:

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Adaptable additions

Supplement your accommodation and flight offerings with additional tours, excursions and event tickets. Add equipment hire and arrange transfers to and from activities.

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Bespoke consulting

Leverage our Agency service for web builds, and book journeys using the latest technology including offer management and upselling.

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Infinite choice

Design itineraries from scratch and build multiple itineraries in one quote to compare prices. Or create predefined ones in our Tours module.

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Client-centred support

Keep customer experience at the heart of everything you do. Collect enquiries, quotes and bookings and add them seamlessly to your CRM.

Create predefined itineraries with multiple component types
Incorporate excursions into your itinerary and include pick-up times, allocation, cost, prices, and markups
Customer profiling
Tag your customer profiles with their favourite activities, sports teams and more
Passenger record
Record relevant passenger data - such as shoe size, height and weight - for each activity
Price comparison
Create multiple itineraries within one quote to compare prices and offer a greater choice to your customers
Create selling channels for all your brands, in all seasons to control availability and pricing

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