Sports and activity.

Building and selling activity holidays made flexible.

Sports and Activities. We understand that all sectors of travel build and sell holidays differently, and we have developed a flexible suite of products to fit individual needs.

We continue to evolve with the industry and learn how we can provide better products.

Our solution simplifies the things that matter to drive sales and enable success in a competitive sector, while offering flexible ways to search and book via multiple distribution channels.

We also understand the importance of relationship selling and the role customer experience plays.

Our systems are built with the intention of putting your customer first. A robust system that your specialist consultants can trust to do the hard work for them.

Key features.

Our contract loading modules does not just offer accommodations, flights and transfers. We also support tours, extras, excursions and tickets. These types of components are widely used for adding equipment hire and excursions for activities where you need to add pickup times and allocations.

Our system also offers a Tour Leader module enabling you to assign leaders to tours and create leader specific bookings.

There is also lots of flexibility when it comes to selling, a tailored made approach can be used to design itineraries from scratch and use price comparison to build multiple itineraries in one quote to compare prices. Or predefined itineraries can be created in the tours module. Tours can still be sold with other components giving even more opportunities to upsell.

With all of this we still have the client at the centre, collecting all of their enquiries, quotes and bookings for CRM to continually learn and enable you to offer better services and customer experience.

We have also brought a new look to the sector from our Agency service, we offer UX consultancy and bespoke web builds including user-friendly online search and book journeys using the latest technology including sport event ticket, offer management and upselling.

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    Create predefined itineraries with multiple component types.

  • 02


    Created with pick up times, allocation, cost, prices, markups and can be searchable by resorts.

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    Customer profiling.

    Tag your customer profiles with their favourite activities, sport teams and more.

  • 04

    Passenger record.

    Record passenger data such as shoe size, height and weight.

  • 05

    Price comparison.

    Within one quote create multiple itineraries to compare prices.

  • 06


    Use products to create selling channels for all your brands and seasons to control availability and pricing.

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It’s great that the website platform is live and performing well. The engine has delivered with external customers and our internal business users experiencing the efficiency and flexibility that were primary objectives of the development project. We are extremely pleased that there is now a core base from which we can further develop to enhance our customers' and internal business users' experience further.

Ian Edwards Chief Executive of The Mike Burton Group

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