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Tours and groups. We understand that there are many different types of holidays. There are also many complexities faced by the this sector when it comes to building and selling holidays. But after almost three decades of experience, we have a solution that works.

We continue to evolve and learn how we can provide better products. Tours and groups is a perfect example of a sector we have kept growing with.

Our solution simplifies the things that matter to drive sales and enable success in a competitive sector, while offering flexible ways to search and book via multiple distribution channels.

We also understand the importance of relationship selling and the role customer experience plays. Our robust system does the hard work so consultants can concentrate on their customer and creating that dream adventure holiday.

Key features.

Build more than just a tour with Reservations. Our dedicated Tours module creates a more efficient loading experience giving you the ability to include multiple component types including third party flights.

This is achieved through using intuitive add functionality, enhanced workflows to link components and powerful search filters.

Managing your tour will be just as easy using bulk or individual tour updates. Our tour price generator enables you to monitor and change your tour pricing based on expected passenger uptake.

Selling tours couldn’t be easier, with screens designed to make reading and selecting tours effortless. There are multiple ways to search and results can be minimised and filtered.

Our system offers a full tour consolidation manager that allows you to monitor passenger uptake and profit on individual tour dates. It also enables you to make informed decisions about cancelling tours and gives automation of moving passenger bookings, cancelling tours and offering customer compensation.

  • 01

    Price generator.

    Multiple ways to price tours, including tour passenger modelling, markup and margin.

  • 02

    Shopping basket.

    Create a holiday not just a tour by adding multiple components to the basket including your tour.

  • 03

    Room sharing.

    Add multiple sharers to one room across multiple bookings.

  • 04

    Wait list.

    Ability to create waitlists for popular tours.

  • 05


    Tours can be consolidated and cancelled with the ability to automatically move passenger bookings.

  • 06

    Tag interests.

    Tag interests against each of your tours and use these in selling to search.

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Thanks for all the support you have given over the past couple of years with getting our platform up and running. You’ve been great to work with in terms of keeping focused on getting things done.

Kevin O'Regan MD, Ramblers Holidays

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