Meet Esther.

We recently caught up with Esther, our Senior Project Manager, to hear more about her role and to learn about her overall experiences within the travel industry.

By Hannah Worthing22nd June 2021

Tell us about your role within Inspiretec?

Part of my role is to manage the full life cycle of website design and development projects. The majority of the projects are within the Travel sector, but they vary in terms of complexity and size. Some websites are standalone, whilst others are fully integrated with our Reservations and CRM products. My job is to establish and maintain open and positive relationships with the clients and to work with the delivery team to ensure the projects are delivered on time, within budget and to a high standard of quality. As a delivery team we tend to be working on a few active projects as well as maintaining websites for our existing clients through development support contracts and smaller enhancements and new developments. A big part of my job is to plan and coordinate all the different workstreams on a sprint by sprint basis, with an eye on future resourcing, projections and pipelines.

What would you say were your main areas of interest and expertise?

I take a lot of pleasure in forming good relationships with our clients as well as fostering a strong team spirit within the delivery team and with my colleagues in others areas of the business. I am particularly interested in the usability and accessibility of our websites, which I regularly have some input into through user testing and offering solutions and advice to our clients. I have been working in the web industry for around 14 years now so I have a good all around knowledge of best practice in terms of what we are delivering to the end user as well as stakeholder management and project delivery methodologies.

How long have you worked within the Travel Industry?

I have had a number of travel sector clients during my time working within the web industry, but have only really been specialising in travel since I joined Inspiretec about 6 years ago.

What is it that you like about working in the travel industry?

Travel is an exciting and ever adapting industry where technology is becoming more and more integral in new and inventive ways. There is scope for a lot of variety within the travel industry from luxury tailor made safaris to far flung places to caravanning and camping right here in the UK. It is an industry that is truly international giving me an opportunity to work with companies based in other countries as well as here is the UK. The web plays a central role in travel, acting as an inspirational gateway to the world through stylish brochureware design that can push boundaries in web design and utilise cutting edge technology to make booking a holiday online an easy and enjoyable experience.

What would be your perfect holiday?

I see travel as an opportunity to learn and be inspired. I love to visit places I haven’t been before where the culture is completely different to anything I’ve known. Once there I love to travel around and experience as much variety as I can in terms of scenery, culture, history, architecture and activities. I have been fortunate to travel in Europe, North & South America and Asia so far so if I had to pick a destination I might look to Africa as somewhere new I’ve yet to experience…. or Central America… or Australasia… or the Antarctic.. you get the idea! I want to see and experience it all!

What does the future hold for the travel industry and what part has Inspiretec got to play in it?

It has been a difficult and challenging time for the travel industry, but the resilience and adaptability we’ve seen over the past year has been encouraging. Demand for travel and holidays has never been higher than it is now, so the future is bright. Inspiretec will continue to support our clients by offering innovative software solutions and sharing our experience and knowledge of past and current trends to suggest how our clients can not only weather the storm, but continue to grow and thrive within the travel industry.

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