Meet Gareth.

We recently caught up with Gareth, our Cruise Relationship Manager, to hear more about his role and to learn about his overall experiences within the travel industry.

By Hannah Worthing4th December 2020

Tell us about your role within Inspiretec?

I form the connection between existing and new Cruise partners, Cruise suppliers and internal stakeholders. Working with the Inspiretec Team, my aim is to continually develop and enhance the Cruise platform within our enterprise ‘Reservations’ platform, allowing the user the ability to search / dynamically package, cost and book. I ensure that all the Cruise specific data is captured within our ‘CRM’ platform, which enables your business to gain all those Cruise- specific insights into your customers.

How long have you worked within the Travel Industry?

Amazingly for over 25 years! Both in the travel & travel technology industry. Where has the time gone?!.

How did you get into the Industry?

My love for Travel started from a work experience placement, through school, at the age of 16. This was with a family run Travel Agent (Gill’s Travel) on the outskirts of Cardiff. Having spent much time after school and the odd Saturday there, I started working full time from the age of 18. This allowed me to learn the ropes. I performed the somewhat tiresome task of stamping summer / winter sun brochures., whilst I familiarised myself with the many destinations and resorts at the same time. I would also search for Tour Operator deals (using Viewdata) to be placed on the offer cards in the shop window, to attract customers in. I have some great memories of booking incredible personalised journeys around the world & I have personally been able to experience some unbelievable fam trips for myself. It was quite a few years before I solely specialised in Cruise travel.

So how did you progress in the Cruise / Technology side of the industry?

The Agency I worked for always had a strong Cruise customer base and eventually, we took an opportunity to focus solely on Cruise. I have fond memories of taking a coach load of passengers down to Southampton to board the QE2, ready to sail the transatlantic crossing, followed by a few nights in New York and return by Concorde. In those days Teletext was one of the best ways to advertise offers, which then started the advent of a call centre. The web was not long behind, which piqued my interest, as did the technology that sat behind it. Not forgetting how important the customer database was and to use it to the best of its ability — I soon focused on both of these areas. Sadly, that business went into administration in 2011, however I have continued my love for cruise and technology from that point onwards.

How long have you worked with Inspiretec for and what sort of roles have you had within that time?

I have worked for Inspiretec for over 5 years now, which included time spent under the previous business name, Comtec. Having the role of Account Manager, I have worked very closely with some of our incredible customers and have been fortunate enough to be on hand to support and strengthen their place in the market, through utilising the technology we build.

What do you like about travel?

What do we all love about his industry…? It’s exciting! The creation of making dream holiday become a reality! It’s an ever-changing industry that keeps adapting……and it definitely keep us on our toes! I’ve also worked and continue to work with some great people over the years!

What would be your perfect holiday?

Where do I start… I have been very lucky to experience some unbelievable places over the years. But I have to say it would be a Cruise ‘anywhere.’ It’s just a magical way to travel; waking up somewhere different every day — but only having to unpack the once and not forgetting the ship itself! It’s such an experience! Putting that aside, high on my wish list… Chernobyl & Pripyat explore (following on from the Sky miniseries), experiencing the historical wonders of the Nile (on a Cruise), the uniqueness that Japan has to offer and the and diversity of India.

What does the future hold for the travel industry and what part has Inspiretec got to play in it?

The Travel industry has gone through some highs and lows over the years and I have experienced quite a few of these, although none like the dreadful low we find ourselves in today. BUT the industry is resilient and fighting hard. More than ever the future has to be focused on the customer data and what we do with it. How do you use what data you have and allow it to work for you? This should be backed and supported by a core end to end reservation platform. Each company needs to make sure they identify their company ‘stall’ by standing out from the rest with their USP’s and focus on online exposure and various marketing channels. For over 25 years Inspiretec have brought innovative software solutions to the Travel industry and I am extremely proud to be part of this!

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