Welcome to the team - Jeffrey.

Meet Jeffrey who has recently joined us as a Senior Frontend Developer.

By Hannah Worthing31st March 2021

What were you doing before you joined Inspiretec?

I was working at Loan Market for about two years as a Frontend Developer, where my team developed micro-frontends for a CRM for loans and insurance applications in Australia and New Zealand.

What have you enjoyed about your first few weeks at Inspiretec?

I've been very excited to join Inspiretec - even before my first day. The reason is that before the pandemic, I traveled outside my country for the first time and went around Asia. From there on, I've grown interested in the travel industry. Since joining Inspiretec, it has been exciting to meet new and interesting people who are very kind and welcoming.

How do you keep your knowledge/skills up to date?

I've subscribed to different newsletters related to the technologies I'm using. I usually start my day by going through them or scrolling down through programming related subreddits. Whenever there's a new technology I want to try but can't use at work, I use it in side projects eg making apps that I personally need. Occasionally, I join hackathons too.

What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

I'm undecided between Dalat, Vietnam and Palawan, Philippines. Dalat has a similar vibe and a homey feel, just like Baguio City where I live. Combine that with their healthy cuisine and tasty Vietnamese coffee – perfect! Palawan is just beautiful. Seeing it for the first time gave me the "Heaven is a place on Earth" feeling. If it wasn't full of tourists I'd be convinced it's a paradise.

Do you have any hobbies? How do you like to relax?

It's not a hobby yet, but I've been learning how to cook. The good thing about cooking is that it can be simple. If you follow a recipe religiously, you'll end up with the expected dish. The great thing about it is it can be complicated, or you can modify the recipe a bit or substitute an ingredient for another and viola! It's a whole new different dish. Just hope it's still edible.

Me and my friends are also fans of competive tabletop games like root, scythe, cyclades and santorini. We sit for four hours on games that would normally take two hours because no one wants to lose. On normal days I just either play video games or watch movies or anime.

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