Welcome to the team - Samantha.

Meet Samantha who has recently joined us as a Web Test Analyst.

By Hannah Worthing15th July 2021

What were you doing before you joined Inspiretec?

I was a QA Analyst working for an independent outdoor software agency in Ulverston, Cumbria. This was my first role within QA. Here I learnt the foundations of testing software. I was involved in testing across multiple development teams focusing on Ecommerce and Point of Sales systems.

What have you enjoyed about your first few weeks at Inspiretec?

Firstly, my team, they have made me feel immensely welcomed into the company and have supported me indefinitely with getting to know the products and systems. Also, I have really enjoyed getting stuck into my role, I find it extremely interesting and fun!

How do you keep your knowledge/skills up to date?

I have been a Software tester for only a year, but I am always learning new ways of how to test more effectively and efficiently. This is either through learning through colleagues/mentors, looking at YouTube videos or looking into content from viable sources such as the Ministry of testing. I have already learned so much at Inspiretec in the few weeks.

What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

I have done my fair share of travelling the globe and it is difficult to choose one destination, but there is one destination that stands out above all, BALI! With some of the most stunning beaches I have seen, locals arts, surfing, spirituality, spas, culture, volcanos and waterfalls. It really is a diverse and wondrous island. Not forgetting to mention I met my husband and married in Bali also which makes it a very special place to me personally.

Do you have any hobbies? How do you like to relax?

As soon as I finish work, I can be found in my local health club swimming, It really improves my mental and physical wellbeing. Also,Living in the Lake district I do enjoy appreciating the beauty of my surroundings with walking and stopping at a few pubs along the way.

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