Inspiretec relaunch Holistic.

Inspiretec launch new-look single customer view platform, Holistic.

22nd February 2018. London. Inspiretec has revamped its Holistic product to help travel agents and tour operators make more informed business decisions with their data.

Holistic was relaunched at this year's Travel Technology Europe show in the Olympia, London. The platform comprises a set of tools used to maximise any interaction with the client and it does this by focussing on three key areas:

Efficiency: Task, user flow and complaints management. Empowerment of consultants: Client information, preferences and activity. Maximise client engagement: A focus on client experience, retention and conversion.

Allowing tour operators and travel agents to focus on the things that matter to them: reducing operating costs and increasing bookings and revenue.

Luke Francis, Product Manager at Inspiretec, said: "Holistic has always been an advanced big data and machine learning based personalisation platform. The big drive for us with Holistic v4 was how we can make that intelligence usable by marketing and sales teams."

"By introducing Single Customer View screens, combined with new workflow tools and improved marketing capabilities; we have created a whole new CRM flavour to Holistic."

Inspiretec CEO Simon Powell also said: “Linking the reservation system with the workflow, with the ability to empower the agent whether its B2C or B2B with all the information up front is the game changer the industry has been looking for. Travel businesses need a single version of the truth about the customer that is constantly enhanced with all the interactions they have with the brand."

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