Inspiretec announces Retail and Cruise products.

Inspiretec announced two new products at World Travel Market’s Travel Forward exhibition, Retail and Cruise.

19th November. London. Inspiretec chose World Travel Market to launch exciting new products for the Retail and Cruise markets. Over the 3 day exhibition, the Inspiretec team delivered demos of the new products to delegates, allowing them to gain some early visibility of our product road map for 2020.

Inspiretec identified that the retail space had become stagnate in the last two decades and is ripe for new technologies.

The retail system has been given new, modern, graphical interfaces that allow the agent to access rich content. The product allows the agent to work more cohesively with the client to tailor make their package or choose their supplier.

The agent will be able to personalise their own package, and the retail technology will also allow the agent to choose from a range of popular package suppliers for customers that have a preferred supplier and know what they want.

What makes the retail system so unique is that the agent doesn’t have to be logged into multiple systems as they compare deals and get information from the supplier – this can all be done from a single login.

Inspiretec is looking to roll out the retail technology in two phases, phase one in the first quarter of 2020 and phase two early 2021.

Richard Baker, Chief Commercial Officer at Inspiretec said ‘’From what we see, retail is crying out for new technology. It has been neglected for 20 or 30 years because back then everyone was saying retail is going to die, it’s all going online. But we see a lot of investment going in to retail because people like buying from people. You see millennial's now wanting to buy from someone.’ 

Cruise will integrate with Inspiretec’s successful booking reservation system, Travelink. This will enable the agent to build the cruise package for the customer and give the customer the authority to manage their own itinerary.

Richard Baker concluded ‘’Cruise is a massive growth market so it makes sense we deliver an integrated booking journey alongside flights’’.

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