The Inspiretec guide to customer experience.

Using data to drive positive customer experiences.

25 January. Cardiff. Inspiretec’s latest paper on customer experience includes insights and case studies that highlight the importance of considering and prioritising experience at all stages of the customer journey. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to map out an effective customer experience strategy.

Each chapter uncovers how data-driven strategies can be applied from the first touch-point to post-booking retention. Volume 2 will be released this summer. It will focus on the creative elements of customer experience, including user experience, social experience and visual identity.

Inspiretec whitepapers.

Powering personalisation.

The Inspiretec “Powering personalisation” guide explains in more detail why companies benefit from treating their customers as individuals by having a tailor-made approach, as well as how to implement a personalisation system.

Your guide to digital tourism.

This whitepaper was created by Inspiretec’s in-house creative agency, Sequence. It explains how digital is a key component in the travel, tourism and destination marketing space.

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