Experienced e-commerce partner using the uCommerce platform.

uCommerce is a feature-rich e-commerce platform that sits above market-leading CMS vendors Umbraco and Sitecore. An out the box solution, its features deliver on the same level as the market's more expensive enterprise solutions. It connects seamlessly with payment connectors such as Paypal and WorldPay. And with the CMS' digital marketing, content and SEO capabilities, shops can thrive using the uCommerce platform. This is the case for our clients’ uCommerce sites and digital shops.

Certified uCommerce partners.

We’ve been a uCommerce certified implementation partner since 2013. During that time, we’ve built strong working relationships with the team at uCommerce in both Denmark and the UK. Recently extending and implementing uCommerce across multiple industries including education, construction and tourism, this relationship is stronger than ever. Our uCommerce and general e-commerce capabilities are following suit.

Sequence-built e-commerce sites have continually won awards over the past few years, including most recently an e-commerce Sitecore Site of the Year Award in 2014.

Seamless integration.

Everything needed to stimulate customer buying is built-in within the uCommerce product. Including an intuitive administration interface, discount engine, multi-currency and multilingual options, and multi-catalogue features. It provides full digital shop functions.

uCommerce makes integration easy. It supports ERP, CRM and other third-party systems with its API service uConnector. However, customisation is an element that requires attention. Our experience with e-commerce sites, though, goes back to the very early days of e-commerce. Having built some of the UK’s biggest and most successful e-commerce sites, such as YPO and VisitBritain, we build more than just shops. uCommerce can integrate within such shops – build in either Sitecore or Umbraco – with ease, which we can use as a technical base for our creativity to shine.

An integrated buying experience.

Our user experience team have strong focus on e-commerce website design, and know that getting the user journey right is a key to conversions. Customers need to have a clear path to find what they need to complete a purchase.

Content is everything on e-commerce sites, and placing the right content in front of the right person at the right time is a perfect formula for making sales. These are key areas which we have invested in alongside our e-commerce development teams. Pulling our developers together with our creative and strategic teams, we’re able to design more than just an e-commerce website.

Dedicated e-commerce department.

We have a detailed understanding of how customers buy online and have an experience of building successful online shops that help new and existing businesses sell better online. Our e-commerce team use uCommerce, because of its quality offering and integration features, to bring more sales and revenues to our clients. Its flexible nature doesn’t force us to create a standard buying experience – we have full control of the buying journeys and the design of the pages within those journeys. It gives us the ability to tailor the shopping experience that’s right for the customers of the brands we work with. Because being creative during this process is what can boost conversions.

Your e-commerce needs.

Talk to us about uCommerce, and how we can work with you on your website and e-commerce needs and objectives.