A simple open source solution, with big potential.

Umbraco is an open source CMS solution preferred by many of the world’s biggest brands. Based on the .NET framework, its simplicity and flexibility makes it desirable for agencies and end-users alike. With a thriving community of developers overseeing the technical aspects, it has emerged as one of the leading open source platforms. Microsoft runs some of its websites on the Umbraco platform, for example. It’s also our CMS of choice outside our enterprise-level projects.

An experienced Umbraco partner.

We’ve built a large number of websites using the Umbraco CMS. Some of our most recent builds include clients such as Hippobag, Mandarin Stone, Folly Farm and Porto Montenegro. Umbraco has grown to be among the top ten most popular open source .NET applications and now has over 350,000 installations under its belt since its launch back in 2000. Unlike many other open source CMS solutions which are often based on community plugins and features, Umbraco has naturally taken on a more business-pedigree approach. The community it serves and more interestingly its natural audiences and users are much more business focussed.

The pedigree is further backed up by large corporations such as Microsoft, Peugeot and Heinz all adopting and regularly using Umbraco to deliver websites for their sites in both UK and international territories.

A thriving community.

Umbraco has a thriving community with over 75,000 developers, many of which are agency-based, looking after the core product and the business-focused plugin marketplace. Features and add-ons such as e-commerce, personalisation engines, mobile and location detection and a powerful form builder are just some examples of the suite of powerful plugins used to enhance it.

Featured Umbraco work.

Porto Montenegro.

Introducing style and elegance that transforms the way Porto Montenegro speaks to its varied audience.



Sequence were particularly strong on the backend implementation, we find it easy to use and now make many of our updates and additions to the site independently, which is precisely what we wanted... we were pleased with Sequence's response to our brief.

Olga Ushakova Porto Montenegro

Making inspirational experiences possible.

Umbraco is more than a CMS. It allows us to deliver bespoke web applications with complex integrations - it provides a good entry point for brands and organisations to attain a premium website at a low cost. But more importantly, Umbraco delivers the inspirational content and digital experiences that can give brands the edge in today’s competitive industries with ease.

Umbraco for your website.

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