A Premier Xamarin Consulting Partner to take you fully mobile.

Xamarin - recently acquired by Microsoft - provide a suite of products for native app development. Its features are popular with developers and brands alike, as it provides complete flexibility in building cross-platform mobile apps. Xamarin is also a popular choice with .NET developers, making it easy to adapt their skills to extend to mobile app development. As of May 2015, there are more than a million registered developers using the Xamarin product in more than 120 countries.

Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner.

Based on our long-standing relationship with Xamarin, we’re proud to be a Premier Consulting Partner. Equally as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we use both Xamarin and Microsoft tools for our native app development methodology.

Whether the app needs offline access or needs to handle large amounts of data with high levels of personalisation, our application development team are able to work with you throughout the process. But whatever the app’s purpose, our approach is always focussed on creating great experiences. Building around usability and design, we have done so for brands such as the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and the British & Irish Lions.

Worldwide Partner of the Year.

Each year, Microsoft honours one of its partners with the Worldwide Partner of the Year award. In 2012, and in its inaugural year, we won this prestigious award based on our business-to-consumer mobility work where Xamarin played a key role in the development.

We were happy to have been given this accreditation at a time when Microsoft decided to move into the mobile space. Since then, we’ve launched Microsoft projects that are world-renowned. And our story with Microsoft and Xamarin developing cross-platform products across the web goes on.

Sequence-Xamarin methodology.

Our methodology involves developing cross-platform apps (Windows, iOS and Android) using a single development language - namely C#. It also allows us to reuse up to 80% of the code across all the platforms. Both of these elements not only reduce development time and cost but also facilitate easy migration from one platform to another.

Featured work.

It is a pleasure to work with Sequence as a Partner. Sequence are experts at using Xamarin technology to deliver beautiful mobile experiences that improve their clients' businesses.

Matt Larson Xamarin

A cross-platform solution.

To test the apps we build, we turn to our in-house device lab that contains sixty devices. Testing using real devices gives us a good sign that an app is bug-free and that it performs well on the target platforms. However, for wider coverage we use Xamarin Test Cloud. This allows us to test on thousands of devices, particularly important when the app needs to run on a wide variety of platforms, screen sizes, or operating system versions.

This approach also includes the functionality allowing us to collect usage metrics for deployed apps such as daily active users, monthly active users and net new users. It also allows us to distribute the app to private stores, which can only be accessed by those involved in testing the app, as well as collect crash-reports during testing and after the app goes live. All of which gives us the ability to efficiently build and deploy quality apps.

Our Xamarin expertise.

Sequence’s Xamarin story begins in 2012 whilst developing the British & Irish Lions app. Since then we’ve worked with Shazam and the Lions Festivals taking this Xamarin offering to a new level. More recently, we released a plugin within the app development community, giving app developers around the world the opportunity to use Sequence-built code throughout their projects to achieve the interactions they seek, demonstrated also throughout our Xamarin-based projects.

Your Xamarin app project.

Talk to us about Xamarin, and find out how we can use Xamarin for your app or mobile project.