Website design and development by our in-house creative agency, Sequence.

Building rich web, mobile and tablet experiences, as well as creative campaigns, interactive projects and content experiences since 1995. Sequence is the creative digital agency of the Inspiretec Group. Consisting of 40 full-time creatives and offering a full end-to-end in-house service within our offices in the UK and Canada. An ideas-driven agency, the team focus on solving clients’ problems via beautiful and clever websites and apps that engage, excite and transact online in the process.

Connecting travel brands with their customers through intelligent design, innovation, passion and integrity and creating positive experiences that delight those who touch and see them.

Business strategy.

Technologies develop at an alarming rate. Evolving alongside are the people and audiences that interact with them. Our Business Analysis of these audiences commonly begins by capturing and documenting customer requirements. Looking at current interactions and metrics to determine the capabilities of a business; building an understanding at a business level.

User experience.

Sequence uses a variety of techniques and activities throughout the project lifecycle to understand the needs and opportunities available and to turn them into creative prototypes and designs. Working methodically through research, experimentation and creative best practice.

Website design and build.

Since its formation, web development has been at the core of the Sequence offering. Developing ideas and solutions that make clients’ websites stand out. With a focus on return on investment, the track record shows that our sites perform – through strategic thinking and creative use of technology, they're built to inspire responses from their intended audiences.

Apps and mobile.

Be it mobile apps or web applications, the team can engineer rich experiences that put you in the hands of your customer at any time in any place. We have a dedicated mobile development team focused on business transformation, to identify clear business goals of the app project and then develop an application with a focus on usability and great design.

Brand and content.

Our creative and strategic teams work with brands to define a content strategy, based on audience behaviours, then launch and support it on new websites and campaign sites. We propose a clear direction on the creation and positioning of content across your digital presence to maximise audience engagement.

Sequence have always delivered robust, well-designed solutions across all of our businesses.

Stephen Woodward Honeywell

One of Wales' oldest creative agencies.

Recently, Sequence has merged with the Inspiretec Group, adding a new dimension to Inspiretec's robust and technical product offering. From understanding and defining a strategy for your digital platform through to design and development, Sequence help travel organisations speak to their customers wherever they are.

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