Travel CRM software for a single view of the customer to increase efficiency and conversions.

CRM, Inspiretec's travel industry specific CRM software, manages interactions and relationships with clients and potential clients. Making data intelligent with a single customer view system to power smart marketing, enabling the delivery of relevant web content and offers to improve engagement and conversions.

Travel CRM Software.

The CRM allows tour operators and travel agents to create a dynamic single view of the customer across all channels such as web, email, reservations and call centres from one system. Combined with our recommendation engine at the core providing client insights and intelligence, this helps you by providing a deeper, more personalised understanding of your customers. The CRM software handles both anonymous and named clients, as well as direct vs agency records. CRM by Inspiretec combines three core areas of functionality: Central client record, web tracking and personalisation.

Process efficiency.

This simple yet flexible CRM allows for direct integration with Reservations or any reservation system of your choice, holding a copy of all customer information, quotes and bookings. It also enables complete task, user flow and complaints management, so travel agents and tour operators can become more efficient with their day-to-day operations. Spending the time on the things that matter and utilising data within a travel CRM designed for travel-rated processes. 

Empowerment of consultants.

The CRM by Inspiretec handles both anonymous and named clients, as well as direct and agency records. Interactions with a client are either events (such as a booking, an enquiry, a website search or an email sent) or tasks (such as a call back, a complaint or a balance reminder). So preferences and activities are logged within the CRM to make personalisation happen and power intelligent email marketing and outbound calling to arm travel consultants with all the information required to operate.

Maximise client engagement.

Marketing messages are often ignored because they have no relevance to their audiences. With a focus on client experience, retention and conversion, CRM bypasses this problem because it serves specific messages to a customer based on his or her previous interactions. An accurate understanding of every customer, at a glance if required, is made possible via CRM as a CRM system. Here, software recommenders are used for content matching and helps manage the behaviour of the recommendations inside the system.

CRM by Inspiretec, which provides a single version of the truth, can give the power back to travel providers and can show them what they really can achieve with their website, CRM and supporting systems by fully understanding their clients and site visitors.

Simon Powell Inspiretec

Software to achieve a holistic view.

We have designed the CRM software so travel agents and tour operators can predict travel patterns. Machine learning and artificial intelligence makes this possible. Any customer data a travel organisation might have, such as purchase history, demographics and location, can reveal what customers (the travellers) are likely to do next. It can also reveal trends within the industry. The segmentation of this data produces a report on a set of users who have exhibited user-defined behaviour. Used correctly, not only can it increase revenue but it can also save time and energy for those operating within the travel industry.

  • Profiles update in real time and change to reflect every interaction with that customer.
  • Get to know your customers better, to better serve them personalised offers.
  • Allow for an integrated and omnichannel marketing approach; creating content that matters to your users.
  • Help predict the future and improve overall customer service and satisfaction.
  • Easy-to-use back-end system and reporting.
  • Increase engagement, conversions, bookings and revenue.

See CRM in action.

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