Sell more with our CRM for travel and leisure.

CRM. Increase productivity and sell more with our CRM for travel and leisure.

Travel is special. Travel is understanding your customer, paying attention to the details, and getting personal with a human touch. We believe that software and technology should help you do just that. We've developed the perfect CRM for travel agents, tour operators and the travel and leisure industry. We'll do the technology so you can stay human.

Travel and leisure CRM Software.

Our CRM allows tour operators and travel agents to create a dynamic single view of the customer across all channels; web, email, retail agencies, homeworkers and call centres from one system. Combined with our recommendation engine at the core providing client insights and intelligence, this helps you by providing a deeper, more personalised understanding of your customers. Our CRM software handles both anonymous and named clients, as well as direct vs agency records. CRM by Inspiretec combines three core areas of functionality: Central client record, web tracking and personalisation.

CRM features.

CRM by Inspiretec, which provides a single version of the truth, can give the power back to travel providers and can show them what they really can achieve with their website, CRM and supporting systems by fully understanding their clients and site visitors.

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Reservations is the complete end-to-end bookings and reservations system designed to drive travel and leisure businesses forward. With flexible ways to search and book leisure travel via a number of distribution channels, Reservations simplifies the things that matter to help your business grow.
Building rich experiences, as well as creative campaigns and interactive projects since 1995. Our in house digital agency offers a full end-to-end service. With a sole focus on travel and leisure, our team live and breathe the unique and diverse considerations that make our industry so special.

CRM features.

  • Don't forget the detail.

    Prioritise your work, add the human touch and pay attention to the details with dashboards, automated tasks and workflows.
  • Generate enquiries.

    Use Segmentation and E-mail Builder to send engaging information and offers personalised to each customer with our CRM.
  • Know every customer.

    Easily find the customer you're talking to and simply see all their key information, preferences and needs, from initial enquiry through to aftercare.
  • Sell more.

    Improve conversion by following every enquiry from their first contact through to booking.
  • See what's working.

    We've built sales, marketing and operations reports for travel businesses. If that's not enough, build and save your own.
  • Excel at service.

    Excel at customer service by managing disruptions and complaints to create customer loyalty that makes them recommend you.

Reservations features.

  • Constantly evolving.

    Continual investment and collaboration with our clients means we deliver value-added features when you need them most.
  • Offer your customers full flexibility.

    Reservations lets you search and book leisure travel flexibly via a number of distribution channels.
  • Let your business grow.

    Robust, scalable and offering dynamic packaging and tailor-made travel to suit every customer.

Web features.

  • We understand your business.

    With a sole focus on travel and leisure, our team live and breathe the unique and diverse things that make our industry so special.
  • Increase awareness and sales.

    Connecting your brand with your customers through intelligent design, creating great experiences that delight those who touch and see them.
  • Everything in one place.

    Brand and content, business strategy, user experience, design and build, our web team are with you every step of the way.

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