The end-to-end booking and reservation system built for tour operators & travel agents.

Reservations is the complete end-to-end bookings and reservations system designed to drive travel-based businesses forward. It offers tour operators & travel agents flexible ways to search and book leisure travel via a number of distribution channels. Simplifying the things that matter to drive sales and enable success in a competitive marketplace.

A great fit for a variety of specialist travel businesses, Reservations is proven, robust, scalable and built on a solid foundation using future-proof technology, offering dynamic packaging and tailor-made holidays. With people, systems and processes at our core, we are able to ensure an efficient delivery every time.

Advanced quoting and booking features.

Reservations offers multiple booking journey options within one system: Tailormade, dynamic package and tours. Key features include integrated results with internally loaded contracts and links external suppliers; ability to email itineraries and customer documentation; and integrated and automated email notifications to suppliers.

Up-to-date pricing and availability, where the system will price according to passenger type, age and occupancy and will include details of offers and price on offers based on strict rule validation. Fully integrated payment systems that ensure we deal with PCI compliance requirements - facilities to take deposits and full balances based on business rules enabled.

Manage and load complex contracts.

Manage complex travel products and load individual components or complex contracts with ease and speed. Load against multiple travel types, hold prices in multi-currencies and apply different margins based on booking channels.

Reservations has the ability to follow a strict set of rules and validation processes that can be added at tour operating business level all the way down to accommodation supplement level. Allowing for multi-directional selling and pricing and can sell contracts in multiple currencies with full reporting functionality.

Effective reporting capabilities.

Gain insight into your business with fully integrated and automated reports. Full supplier reporting that is fully integrated and automated means that Reservations always keeps you aware of what’s happening. Controls and reports on supplier payments and payment terms, as well as debtors and contract reporting. Full set of sales report functions, amendment reporting functions, marketing suite reporting and fully auditable contract loading and booking functions for a real-time picture of your operational performance.

Business rules and configuration.

Allows for business rules to be loaded at various levels within the system, which can be configured multiple ways to support an operators tour operating model and business process. Rules can be defined at an individual component, user, tour or customer level that allows for complex pricing models.

We have received lots of positive feedback from our travel agents who currently have tours on Reservations!

Destiworld Destiworld

Trusted by travel organisations for fifteen years.

Continual investment and collaboration with clients ensures we deliver value-added features as we review Reservations's performance. With multi-channel, brand and currency solution for worldwide suitability, fast response times for online/mobile distribution and functionally rich and flexible reservations interface, Reservations is the chosen booking and reservation system for some of the biggest travel brands in the world.

A host of features complete business processes and requirements efficiently:

  • Internal contract and third-party inventory.
  • End-to-end booking and reservation management.
  • Robust and scalable for any business size and hosting capability.
  • Dynamic packaging, tours, tailor made, ancillaries.
  • Component or dynamically built shopping basket.
  • Integrated with a range of third party suppliers and payment providers.
  • Reservations for your business.

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