Our innovative retail selling platform leverages easy to use selling journeys.

 Retail by Inspiretec. Agents can search, quote and book packages, flights, accommodation, cruise and extras. 

Powerful management and reporting tools allow agents to efficiently deliver pre booking management and post booking follow up tasks whilst easy to use marketing functionality helps agents proactively keep in touch with their customers to deliver improved personalised contact, value added services or product where appropriate.

Key features will include:

  • Customer centric focus.
  • Intuitive selling journeys.
  • Integrated with your supplier portals.
  • Intelligent alerts & task automation. 
  • Reporting, dashboards and back office tools. 

The first phase of Retail will bring together our powerful CRM technology with our slick selling journey. This product will offer Retail Agents the best opportunity to deliver customer focused experience through trusted technology.

Phase 2 will build on our powerful combination of CRM and selling to include back office tools to complete Retail by Inspiretec. This will make an efficient process for the day to day booking management and reporting needs of the Retail Agent.

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