Apps and mobile.

Wherever your customers go, go with them.

Mobile is more than mobile sites and ads. Mobile presents an opportunity to create moments and transform a customer’s relationship with a brand. By delivering immersive experiences that delight those who experience them, for business or for personal users. It’s still one of the biggest opportunities within digital. Those who recognise mobile as a differentiator will emerge more successful.

Be it mobile apps or web applications, our team can engineer rich experiences that put you in the hands of your customer at any time in any place. We have a dedicated mobile development team focused on business transformation. We can work with you to identify clear business goals of the app project, and then develop an application with a focus on usability and great design.

Native apps.

We’ve built many successful apps for smartphones, tablets and all-in-one PCs. We recommend native apps to take full advantage of the features and functionality provided by specific platforms, which include Windows 10 Universal, iOS and Android. Because we target specific platforms, we can adhere to that platform’s design and user interface guidelines. Doing so ensures that the apps behave as the users expect. Enabling them to intuitively navigate and discover functionality to inspire confidence and ensure continued use. Native apps generally permit the best possible experience for the end-user.

Web applications.

Sometimes a web application is preferable to a native app. It allows you to target the larger audience of the web while maintaining a responsive and fast experience that doesn't require an app download. We have a preferred development approach making use of industry standard libraries such as React while leveraging our extensive experience with web technologies. Using technologies such as Xamarin and PhoneGap, we’re able to package web applications as native apps while still being able to deploy for the web platform.

App methodology.

Performance is equally important from a user experience point-of-view; end-users expect applications to respond immediately to their interactions. We build all our applications to offer the best possible performance. Our clients sometimes need an app that will run on all Windows, iOS and Android devices and on the web. For this reason, we have developed and matured an app development methodology which allows us to maximise code reuse across all these platforms, saving development time and cost.

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