Camping and caravanning.

More flexible ways to sell camping and caravan holidays.

Camping and caravanning. Software that allows you do more than just sell holidays.

We understand the complexities around building and selling holidays, but we also understand that holidays aren’t always just a flight and an accommodation. Our products also cater for other sectors, including camping and caravanning.

We have taken our powerful tour operating system and expanded out modules to cater for different types of accommodations and components including ferries.

We have also incorporated our agency offering to bring a new look to the sector, offering UX consultancy and bespoke web builds including user-friendly online search and book journeys using the latest technology and map views for the ultimate booking experience.

Key features.

Expanding on our core functionality we have developed functions tailored to the unique needs of the camping and caravanning sector.

Our accommodation module is tried and tested across the travel industry, rich in advanced capabilities to handle complex contracts. But these features are not just for luxury hotels, the accommodation module can also handle pitches, pitch numbers and more.

When it comes to selling, the system does the thinking for you. You can add vehicles to your quote and when you select a pitch it will validate sizes.

It’s not just pitches that can be added to the basket, our ferries component enables you to search cost and book within the quote builder. Setup allows you to configure ferry routes for sale, add ferry markups based on supplier, fare types, route and ferry extras.

  • 01


    Vehicles can be attached to quotes to validate against components added to the basket.

  • 02

    Pitch numbers.

    Setup pitch numbers for each pitch type and allocate pitch numbers to bookings.

  • 03


    Search, cost, select cabin and book external ferries including ITX fares and add misc ferries.

  • 04

    Overnight cabins.

    Enhanced logic for mandatory cabins for overnight ferries.

  • 05

    Ferry extras.

    Functionality to cater for meals, meal plans and pets.

  • 06

    Loaded excursions.

    Offer excursions and campsite extras using Extra functionality.

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This project is critical for us as a business to ‘fix the web’ and achieve the digital transformation that the business needs to service our members. We are delighted with the work that Inspiretec have done and can already see the impact of the release of phase one.

Matt Broomhall Head of Delivery, The Camping and Caravanning Club.

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