Holiday parks and resorts.

A system that builds the perfect staycation.

Holiday parks and resorts. We understand now more than ever the importance of the staycation.

With extensive experience in understanding the complexities we face in travel, we also understand the unique needs holidays parks and resorts have when it comes to understanding their customer’s journey and building their perfect staycation.

We also understand the importance of relationship selling and the role customer experience plays.

Our systems are built with the intention of putting your customer first. A robust system that your agents can trust to do the hard work for them, making personalised selling effortless.

Key features.

Our system ties together the customer’s journey from their first touch point to their check-in, check-out and onto their next booking.

Creating one website with all booking systems feeding in, we can track customer activity to build customer profiles. This data can be used to create targeted marketing lists for mail shots or offline marketing.

Lodges and hotels can also be loaded and managed through our offering including ability to prebook lodge/room number. Or bookings can be retrieved from external sources. With this data, upsells and cross sell opportunities can be maximised with CRM pushing personalised communications.

Managing a customer stay made more efficient with our purpose built check-in screen and number plate recognition look up speeding up the arrival process. Combined with purchase integration, at a glance you can see the overall spend of the holiday.

We have also incorporated our agency offering to bring a new look to the sector, offering UX consultancy and bespoke web builds including user-friendly online search and book journeys using the latest technology and bringing together multiple booking systems into one website.

  • 01


    Customers can self-check-in and add marketing details to their customer profiles.

  • 02


    CRM look up allowing customer to enter the park without speaking to a person.

  • 03

    Booking integration.

    Booking retrieval from external sources, to view and edit bookings in one place.

  • 04

    EPOS (Purchase system integration).

    See all your customer purchases made onsite in one place to see customers overall holiday value.

  • 05

    Single view.

    Integrate all your systems into one place to view all touch points with your client in one view.

  • 06

    Targeted marketing.

    Create a marketing list based on customer details, preferences, and their activity.

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