Welcome to the intersection of industry-leading technical expertise, unmatched industry experience and genuine customer care

We help travel businesses grow with end-to-end digital and technical solutions created specifically for the travel and leisure industry

It’s fitting that Inspiretec’s journey started with the desire to solve a business problem.

Our founder, Simon Powell, began his career working in the family travel agency business. It was his frustration with the way the booking systems worked that would end up defining his career, and his passion for solving travel industry problems with technology was born. 

Inspiretec as it is today was formed in 2016, by bringing four successful digital and technology companies together.  Combining best of breed technology and travel industry expertise to create one powerhouse technology solutions provider offering best-of-breed technology to travel and leisure businesses.

Today, solving business problems through technology is at the very heart of what we all do here at Inspiretec. Our customers trust us to drive their growth and profitability, by investing in our industry expertise and technology systems. 

This is why every digital solution we create, every product we introduce, is thoughtfully designed to tackle the unique and highly industry-specific challenges you face

Smart solutions for smart businesses

The digital transformation of the travel and leisure industry is set to continue at pace. As your business makes its welcome return to your customers’ lives, technological innovation is going to be your biggest competitive advantage going forward.

This is what Inspiretec delivers.

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We believe in the power of partnership, working hard to create bespoke solutions for you to address your unique challenges.

As ardent advocates of the importance of delivering a standout customer experience, we genuinely care about helping you grow your business. We do this in the best way we know how - by delivering the latest technology to you that in turn delivers flawless travel experiences for your customers.

Partnering with you to grow your business

Our success is based entirely on yours, and we’re privileged that many of our valued customer partnerships span well over 10 years. Underpinning all these relationships is our commitment to unwavering customer service and support – from consultation to implementation, and beyond.

We deliver this through a proven, systematic approach that focuses on an aligned understanding of objectives, best practice project management, active engagement, comprehensive training, and ongoing support.

We've developed our approach and methodology to partner with you at every step to ensure that your project is a success.


Our Approach


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Create relationships built on trust and innovation


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Invest time to ensure clear alignment of vision


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Leverage decades of experience to create bespoke solutions


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Once live, adopt project management best practices for ongoing support


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Full training package supported by online materials for maximum benefit

Technology training on tap - The Inspiretec Academy

The Inspiretec Academy, our online learning platform, encapsulates all our knowledge and experience and makes our training as intuitive and easy to use as the products it supports.

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Meet the senior team

Simon Powell 16
Simon Powell |
Our founder. With a life-long travel background, Simon drives Inspiretec to deliver what you need.
Matt Wakerley 16
Matt Wakerley |
Group Managing Director
Directing the company's operations to make sure it achieves its objectives effectively and efficiently.
Jon Pickles 16
Jon Pickles |
Chief Revenue Officer
Responsible for driving new business, the go to market strategy for Inspiretec’s CRM and Agent products and overall responsibility for business-wide marketing strategy.
Richard Baker 16
Richard Baker |
Chief Customer Officer
Making sure we establish a robust, lasting and successful relationship.
Helen Baldwin 16
Helen Baldwin |
Chief People & Engagement Officer
Lead all aspects of people management across the business along with the customer engagement initiatives.
Gavin Richards 16
Gavin Richards |
Chief Technology Officer
Executive responsibility for the design, build and delivery of our products and services.

Where we are going

The travel industry today is very far removed from the one we first began serving back in 1995. And we know the industry of tomorrow will likely not resemble what we're familiar with today.

A big part of Inspiretec's success is our agility and adaptability, and this helps us keep our own evolution one step ahead of the customers. This is how we're able to offer exceptional products that are primed to address the ever-changing challenges of the modern travel business.

We understand that consumer trends such as sustainability, staycations, workcations and even bringing pets along for the ride can present interesting logistical situations you need to solve.

This is why we're continually refining our existing technology, and adding in new products, helping you stay on top of demand, and keeping our own business ahead of the curve.

We’re changing the way people see the world

Come along for the ride...

and explore our world with us

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