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Website design, build & hosting

Pinewood Studios Group is one of the leading providers of studio and related services to the worldwide film and television industries. Having worked with world-class British and international productions, their studios have been home to successful feature films and TV shows.

Bringing an offering to life.

The Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage is one of the largest stages of its kind. Hosting scenes from Cinderella, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and a range of James Bond films from Pinewood’s UK home. It’s among the many film locations that Pinewood Studios commission around the world. It was these studios, along with their services and related expertise, that we were going to bring to life via a new group website.

Back to the drawing board.

Some of the most creative people in the world descend onto the Pinewood Studios Group website. Filmmakers, producers, directors; all need access to Pinewood-related information without complication. But they also need to be reminded of the breadth and history of the Pinewood brand. So the site is clear and concise, as well as visually appealing.

From the outset, this project was heavily geared around UX and design. Our first port of call was to get to know Pinewood’s user base. Internal stakeholders were contacted and interviewed via surveys to gather requirements from all areas of the business. Then we were ready to tell the Pinewood story.

Showcasing an iconic brand.

Built in Umbraco, the site showcases the breadth of services that Pinewood offer in a manner that is appealing and inviting. Enhancing its brand presence in the process with its simplistic look and feel. The design process is one that came under real scrutiny – both Sequence (along with the wider Inspiretec team) and Pinewood went through a number of design iterations to get to the current position. Focusing on the content via a clean approach and creating a straightforward user journey for the site's varied audience.

User testing was carried out on the new website before it went live and amendments were made as a result of the feedback. With the key aim of offering an engaging and compelling experience that will create trust and result in repeat visits to the website. This was also the case on mobile and tablet, as we looked to increase the number of people that visit the site and engaging within its content. New content had to be created for this purpose.

Pinewood on Location database tool.

We have also developed a secondary website, where location scouts and producers can access the sites and facilities that Pinewood Studios commission around the world in more detail. A single page application, where the page dynamically updates as the user interacts with it. Where everything is quick and responsive with locations represented via high-quality images and accessed with ease. Accessing real information about locations to be able to make key decisions.

A new global production service platform.

The new Pinewood Studios Group website is now live and operating in territories around the world. And the site is a key aspect of Pinewood’s overall expansion strategy. A year-on-year comparison indicates that users have found that trust – by staying on the site for longer – which is dictated by the 57% increase in session duration.

This is a project that, from the outset, involved a number of Pinewood Group’s divisions as the brand operates on such a large scale. Our team was able to satisfy on these levels and create a site that has a footprint on all seven continents. Pinewood Studios now have a responsive platform that captures its operations and showcases its iconic brand, keeping hold of an audience to direct them to potential new business areas.



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