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Investing in their customers dream holiday.

The Turquoise Holiday Company was founded in 2002, with a clear vision to offer their customers something truly unique, bringing a touch of glamour and romance to the holiday experience. Turquoise specialise in three key markets; honeymoons, tailormade and families, initially gaining their brand position in destinations such as the South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia.

The Turquoise brand soon became synonymous with clear blue waters, island getaways and being pampered and cared for from day one. In the early days, quotes were sealed in wax and delivered by hand along with a rose and bottle of fine champagne. Every aspect of the brand has grown to maintain this incredibly high value put on a customer experience that is second to none.

The Turquoise brand proudly stands behind its core values of being “Authentic, Discerning, Original, Refreshing and Unique” and the Turquoise team have never been afraid of putting in the right infrastructure to keep the customer at the heart of everything they do.

After phenomenal growth in the luxury honeymoon space Turquoise customers often returned to book anniversary trips or family adventures, so the ability to truly understand their customers’ history, preferences and requirements became essential.

It became clear that the existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool was holding the business back. It was neither delivering the customer insight needed or integrated with the Turquoise Reservations platform, preventing the business from having a seamless view of the customer journey.

Gaining capability not just technology.

Turquoise had previously implemented a custom CRM that was good at querying data but could not provide the level of insight and information that was now needed to grow the business and further improve customer service.

In choosing Inspiretec’s CRM they would not only gain greater insight and empower their sales consultants to deliver a greater level of service, but also gain a greater capacity for future growth, upselling to existing customers and improving repeat business levels.

The new CRM needed to integrate seamlessly with their pre-existing Inspiretec Reservations platform as well as their newly built customer website. Beyond these touch points the CRM was to work with their phone system to support ‘screen pop’ linking directly to a customer record based on the calling telephone number.

As with every other part of Turquoise’s digital transformation plan, their clear strategic focus was on driving fundamental improvements for their customers and not investing in technology for the sake of it. In working closely with the Inspiretec team, they benefitted not only from our technological knowledge and expertise, but our inherent passion for the travel industry, as well as our focus on always putting the customer at the heart of the digital journey.

Seamless journey.

Turquoise have always focused on phenomenal customer service and from the very beginning they put people at the heart of the process. Their website is often the initial touch point with a prospective customer, but it is never going to replace the one-to-one sales process that an experienced and dedicated travel specialist will provide.

Once a customer filled in an online enquiry form it was essential that the CRM logged that enquiry and delivered it to a sales manager who then allocates it to the most appropriate travel specialist. The CRM then provides a platform which logs any information that the specialist inputs, seamlessly linking with the reservations platform to create a bespoke itinerary to share with the customer This increased flexibility and integration with the other platforms, from reservations and email to the phone system, allowed for a far greater insight to be gained into each customer’s journey.

Turquoise are now focussed on using CRM to better track the success of their digital marketing. The CRM’s attribution functionality joins up how online marketing activity results in a website action or phone call. Attribution reporting tools will provide the Turquoise marketing team with valuable insight that can then be used to optimise activity and evaluate spend.

CRM has provided The Turquoise Holiday Company with a robust and advanced single customer view, that supports their customer focussed approach.

Inspiretec’s CRM is a key part of our technology puzzle, allowing us to focus on customer experience using our existing data, through a personal omni-channel experience. CRM also focuses our team to work efficiently and effectively, analysing our sales, marketing and strategy, whilst improving the way we deliver a personalised and bespoke holiday service to our clients.

James Bell Managing Director, The Turquoise Holiday Company.

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