Making selling a cruise holiday plain sailing.

Cruise. We know that not every holiday is a staycation or a flight to a luxury hotel, some holidays are all about cruising around the globe.

We have taken our powerful holiday building tools and combined these with our new cruise journey to give the sector a new look product to operate more efficiently and improve conversions.

We understand the complexities around building and selling holidays, but we also understand the importance of relationship selling and the role customer experience plays.

Our systems are built with the intention of putting your customer first, empowering you with a single view of all your customer's touch points and requirements so all consultant's need to do is concentrate on their customer.

Key features.

When it comes to selling, our system does the thinking for you, and it's not just a flight and accommodation that you can sell. Our tailor-made approach to selling means you can sell multiple components in one booking, including a cruise.

CRM empowers consultants to get the little things right, knowing the customer’s preferred cabin type and dining preferences, making sure their booking experience is tailored to the individual. 

Searching for a cruise has never been easier, with one search you can view results from over 45 cruise lines with full itineraries, leading fares and grade by grade pricing.

Reservations creates a more efficient consultant, rich content including itineraries automatically populate quotes and bookings. But still offering the consultant, the flexibility to add cabin numbers, dining options and financial information to bookings.

This is all taken a step further with our Agency offering combing UX and rich content to take customer experience to the next level. This gives the personal opportunity to let the customer get to know your consultants, specialism and who they’re buying from.

  • 01

    Rich Content.

    Enhanced selling journey supplemented with rich content at every stage.

  • 02

    Dynamic search results.

    View results from multiple cruise lines in one search.

  • 03


    Connect to over 45 cruise lines and rich content in one place.

  • 04

    Multiple cruise types.

    Ability to search, cost and book ocean, river and expedition cruises.

  • 05

    Adhoc Cruise.

    Ability to add non contracted cruise lines to quotes and bookings for all cruise types.  

  • 06

    Tailor-made selling.

    Easy upsells with ability to search and add multiple components to one basket.

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