From ship to shore and everything in between, selling cruise holidays should always be plain sailing

30 million people take cruises every year.

How many of them book with you?

The cruise market is the fastest-growing segment in the travel industry, which means huge opportunities for travel businesses. But unprecedented numbers of cancellations, and frequent changes to bookings and quotes, are creating challenges.

You need an automated booking that lets you streamline the secure management and communication of changes, thus reducing duplicated work and saving time.

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“I knew that it was critical for our UK consumers and agents to have a UK focused website to reference as the A-ROSA brand speaks to a very broad audience The Inspiretec team provided us with the creative flair and technical skills to turn our vision in to a reality.”
Lucia Rowe | Managing Director | A-ROSA River Cruises | UK & Ireland

Multi-faceted technology for a multi-faceted industry

Cruise holidays are some of the most varied in the industry. They can be based entirely or partly on board, and take place on the ocean or sea, along a river, or around a fjord.

You need flexible, agile technology to take all these factors into account and help you create flawless, seamless cruise holiday offerings.

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With Inspiretec you can:

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Sell multiple components in one booking

Dynamically package components, such as flights, pre- and post-stay accommodation, and transfers, all in one seamless reservation.

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Tailor individual travel experiences

Our powerful CRM makes it easy to pay attention to every detail, from cabin preferences to ideal meal choices.

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See multiple options at a glance

One quick search reveals results from over 50 cruise lines, including full itineraries, leading fares and grade-by-grade pricing.

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Make more efficient bookings more often

Create itineraries that automatically populate quotes and bookings, and add cabin numbers, dining options and financial information.

Lead management
Leverage our lead and enquiry management tools to maximise lead conversion with an omnichannel, single customer view
Rich content
Enhance your selling journey and empower customer decisions with engaging, accurate and detailed cruise content
Dynamic search results
Access over 30 000 itineraries from 50 cruise lines across 650 ships in just one search
Adhoc cruises
Offer even greater variety by adding non-contracted cruise lines to quotes and bookings for all cruise types
Multiple cruise types
Search, cost and book ocean, river and expedition cruises simply and quickly for faster turnaround times on customer queries
Tailor-made selling
Discover easy upsells and search and add multiple components to one basket all in one system

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